Adventure Trips in India

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Bored of Routine Lifestyle? Embark on These Adventure Trips in India

India is truly a touristy country in all aspects with no lack of exciting destinations and adventure activities. Be it heritage, pilgrimage, adventure or wildlife, you can find a whole lot of options and opportunities for Adventure Trips in India. Because adventure tourism is one of the key highlights of the India’s tour sector, thanks to its varied topography.

From Himalayan mountain ranges to a dense canopy of national parks and from vast beaches to ancient caves, India has it all. This South Asian beauty has plenty of exciting and wonderful places. A thrill-seeker can experience climatic variations, varied landscapes, and rich biodiversity all in one country. So, it goes without saying that you don’t have to go outside India as it has the best of the whole world at every corner. In this guide, we have come up with the best adventure trips in India that will be remembered by you forever and ever.

Adventure Trips in India

Shang & Rushpu Valley Ladakh

Shang and Rushpu Valleys are known to be the best routes in Ladakh. You will pass through several major routes including monasteries, quaint villages, and a huge range of flora and fauna. Rupshu is the region located between the serene Tibetan border and Zanskar valley. It is the least known and highest part of Ladakh. Actually, this area belongs to Chang Tang plains. It is extended from Rupshu in the east for around 1000 km in Tibet. Separated from snow-capped mountains over 6000 meters with beautiful ridges, Rupshu has a vast array of high valleys. This rugged land has lots of cheerful and hardy nomadic people.

Adventure Trips in India

Rafting Bhagirathi River

The gushing Bhagirathi River flows through the state of Uttarakhand and provides great opportunities to adventure seekers for having the exciting experience of river rafting. If the land is not enough for your adventure, you can embark on a river rafting tour and face the tough rapids. Let the Adventure Trips in India begin with excitement and serenity. It is a great opportunity to embark on an amusing tour in India. This expedition lasts the whole weekend and starts around Tehri Dam and ends in Rishikesh which is located 138km on the river. Bhagirathi River starts from Gangotri Glacier and flows down to Devprayag to meet Alaknanda and form River Ganga together.

Adventure Trips

Himalayan Mountain Biking

This trip is truly a journey for a lifetime that blends challenging climbs and downhill of the jungles. It combines the breathtaking scenery of the Himalayas, rich history, challenging and exciting biking expedition, and a lot of time to soak in the environs. You will love to bike around some of the highest passes in the world and get through diverse landscapes, including barren and wild moonscapes of Ladakh.

Adventure Tours

Skiing in Kashmir

Being one of the best mountain slopes in the world, Gulmarg becomes the best skiing resort in the world during winters. It welcomes the heaviest snowfall in the Himalayas in India. Gulmarg welcomes skiers from different parts of the world from January to February. It has over 2200m of vertical descent in Mt. Apharwat and it is the best venue for intermediate to expert snowboarders and skiers. You can easily access the venue with Gondola.

This valley of Kashmir is also known as “Heaven on Earth” thanks to its rich greenness dotted with various mountain trees and apple orchards. It covers the lush green and gentle meadows with dense snow in winters. It is truly a hotspot for a lot of adventure seekers. Skiing is one of the most popular winter sports in Kashmir along with all other activities in Himalayan ranges. It attracts people from 15 to 40 years from different parts of the nation. Skiing has gained a lot of fame over the years. Even leisure travelers visit here to glide through the thick snow.

Adventure Tours in India

Motorbike Ladakh

You can have a great opportunity to witness the magic of Ladakh with this motorbike tour. It is a long excursion that will give you plenty of time to explore the cold desert at your own pace. You can start the tour from Delhi. If you are coming from other parts of the country, be sure to get there at least 24 hours before the time of departure. You can choose from a range of departure dates. If you have up to 7-8 people in a group, you can also choose from our customized tours. We have researched the itinerary well and planned everything on our trips. You can also call us for transfer and pick up your likes to and from your place. Furthermore, you can even ride with a partner or solo. And definitely you will have a picturesque and amazing journey.

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