Himalayan Expedition-Every Travelers Desire

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The Himalayan ranges in India are mysterious in themselves as they attract tourists with scenic views of snow-capped mountains, plunging valleys and glaciers. Stretched over several Northeastern and Northern states of India, the giant mountains have serene landscapes to leave you in awe. The Himalayas attract adventure lovers as well as those who want to discover themselves amidst cultural retreat, serene setting, and spiritual wellness.

The mighty Himalayan ranges have everything to satiate the feelings of travelers of all types. Every traveler can have something or other by exploring these ranges. We recommend some of the best places to visit for your Himalayan Expedition.

Things Which Make the Expedition More Enjoyable

Before going any further, we are going to recommend some basic things you should carry to have once in a lifetime experience and to keep you going –

  • Water: Exploring takes lots of energy, especially when the weather is extremely cold or hot. Stay hydrated and carry enough water or sports drinks which are loaded with electrolytes. You can also bring water filters or purifying tablets to collect water from streams or other water bodies.
  • Food: You might burn plenty of calories on the expedition. So, you need to pack some snacks, nuts, trail mixes, or pre-made meals.
  • Map: Exploring nature is fun, but getting lost isn’t. You don’t want to waste your weekend wandering for hours. You may download some maps to use later. You can also carry a decent paper map and compass to go tech-free.
  • First Aid Kit: Carry a basic first-aid kit wherever you go. Some painkillers and bandage will be enough.
  • Sun protection: Even in cloudy weather, sun rays can still reach you. Wear some sunscreen before hitting outdoors. Wear sunglasses for hiking in snowy weather.
  • And the most important thing, prepare for everything. Exploring is all about experiencing life and getting immersed in surroundings. You should keep your mind open to having memorable moments.

Himalayan Expedition Trips to Look For

Chadar Frozen River Trek

Feel the thrill of walking on Zanskar, a frozen river in the windy Himalayan highlands. Feel the subzero temperatures that chill the blood in your veins in Ladakh. This trek is suitable for the fit and strong only. This trek in the Buddhist kingdom has been used as a trade link for centuries by the residents here. You can also stay with Zanskaris en-route and explore the ancient monasteries capped by ice walls wedged between the iconic Himalayan and Karakoram ranges.

Menthok Kangri Spiti Ladakh

It is a superb trekking and fine peak at the altitude of 608m from Spiti to Karzok. Menthok Kangri has become the best choice for trekkers who want to explore nature at its best for the first time without requiring much experience of climbing. This arid and high landscape has covered the imagination of tourists as it opens the doors to visitors in the fascinating landmark of Rupshu. The trek goes through scattered high villages, remote villages and hilltop monasteries towards the base.

Chhamser Kangri Ladakh

You can enjoy the beautiful climb and trek in Rupshu, Ladakh. It is a great climb with beautiful views of Tso-Moriri Lake and nearby peaks. You don’t need to have climbing experience as it is ideal for fit trekkers. But the rarefied air can impose some challenges on the ascent.

Stok Kangri Ladakh

Stok Kangri is the main peak in the Zanskar range located in the serene landscapes of Ladakh. You can have a memorable climb in these fascinating landscapes of South Ridge. This route is straight and interesting but quite tough. It provides breathtaking views of Mt. K2 on clear skies and Karakoram Range.

Sikkim Green Lake Adventure

At the altitude of 6020m, the Tingchinkhang Peak is one of the most beautiful treks of the Himalayas offering serene views of the world’s 3rd highest peak, Kanchenjunga and other peaks which are over 7000m high. In May 1999, the Indo-British Army conquered this peak. There have been some other attempts to climb the peak but were failed.

Snow Leopard Ladakh

It is the most popular and exciting trek in the eastern edge of Ladakh at around 3000m of altitude. It is stretched over 600 sq. km in the valleys of Rumbak and Markha as the dominant part of Hemis National Park. You can definitely spot the rare animals in this trek as it is a conserved area. You can witness the biodiversity of wildlife with several birds and animals. You can also spot endangered and native species in the cold desert, including Ibex, snow leopard, Shapo, Tibetan hare, Marmot, and Antelope on this trek.

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