Must Go Cultural Trips in India

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India is not all about hill stations and beaches. Instead, it is a melting pot of customs, traditions, and history that you can discover at several cultural trips. It is a cradle and origin of some of the major cultures and religions in the world. It has an unmatched cultural ambiance with an unmatched diversity of Indian heritage. You can find the unmatched shades of rituals and traditions.

Cultural tourism is beyond beach resorts, marvelous beaches, utmost luxury and picture-perfect hills in India. In fact, you will go through several historical landmarks in India. It is not all about man-made attractions but also to witness its ethos. India’s diverse culture has always been intriguing and a major crowd puller for tourists in all parts of the world. Every city has its own heritage and unique cultural specialties, such as traditions, food, clothes, structures, festivals, and topography. With that said, here’s the

List of some of the best cultural trips in India

The Lost Civilization of Deccan

This beautiful and historical tour covers some of the most beautiful temples, vivid people, epic history, and virgin beaches. It is going to be one of the most memorable journeys for you along with a great combination of Unexplored Northern Kerala and Karnataka.

Mughals and Maharajas

It’s time to discover the history when you explore several Mughal and royal architectures that have witnessed epic battles that were fought. This cultural trip would take you through some of the most popular destinations, such as the capital of India “Delhi”, the Fort Palace – Neemrana, capital of valiant Rajputs “Jaipur”, one of the best bird sanctuaries – Bharatpur, and Agra which was once the Territory of Mughal Empire.

Taj Mahal is the crowning glory of a cultural triangle. It is the epitome of love in marble. Fasten your seatbelt and embark on the roller coaster ride going from whizzing past.

Best time to visit – October to April
Attractions – Palaces, Forts, Birds, Culture, Villages, and Temples
Places – Delhi, Neemrana, Bharatpur, Jaipur, and Agra
Duration – 9 Days

Holistic Rajasthan

The terms ‘Maharaja’ and ‘Maharani’ are more than just appellations. They are the personification of the era of both a flamboyant and royal living. Along with having wealthy and powerful kingdoms, the royals lived their lives like Maharajas. They are patronizing music, art, culture, literature, cuisines, etc. while taking care of spiritual and physical wellbeing of their own.

One of the most vivid regions of the country, Rajasthan is truly rich in old traditions and history. Its palaces, forts, gracious people, and museums are the epitomes of vivid history. The palaces and forts will definitely take you back to the medieval period while witnessing the secluded villages and lively bazaars.

The sound mind, good health and healed soul are the main focus of this cultural tour. We have added guided tours to historical landmarks, meeting locals, bird-watching, rejuvenating the past, walking by the hills, Ayurveda and Yoga, and getting the best of the spa at Devigarh Fort facing Aravalli Hills.

Best time to visit – October to mid of March
Trip – 13 days
Highlights – Taj Mahal, Palaces, Forts, Village Life, and Day Tours to Aravali Hills

The Bengal Discovery

This holiday has been designed well to offer an opportunity to an avid traveler to discover and explore the marvels of British India as well as its colonial settlements and territories. You will explore the capital of West Bengal, Kolkata which is known as the intellectual and cultural hub of India. You can have a wildlife tour to Sunderbans Tiger Reserve and National Park to add to further excitement on this trip.

You can explore the picture-perfect hill stations of Kalimpong and Darjeeling in the Lesser Ranges of Eastern Himalayas. You will explore the rich ambiance to provide a complete insight into the bygone era of British Raj. You can enjoy the brisk walk across the serene hill trails and fine views of Himalayan peaks. Have a trip to the mesmerizing tea gardens stretched over misty hills and misty flower nurseries blooming with beautiful orchids. This 16-day trip is wonderfully crafted to cover most of Bengal.

Best Time to visit – From mid of October to April
Highlights – Boating on Hooghly River, witness old foreign territories, ride rickshaws through steep lanes of the old city, enjoy jungle treks in the national park, cultural walk in the evening, temples tour, culture walk to meet locals and explore indigenous culture, tea gardens, and flower nurseries, nature walks in hill stations for breathtaking views of Greater Himalayas.

Highlights of North India

You can start the journey from Delhi, the historical capital and make way to the spiritual city of Banaras on the banks of Ganges. Later on, you will head to the historical town of Orchha and witness the beautiful Chandela temples in Khajuraho. You will head towards the west to explore the major attractions. Here are some of the major highlights –

  • Taj Mahal
  • Erotic Sculptures of Khajuraho
  • Holy ghats of Banaras
  • Local culture
  • Riding elephant in Jaipur

Bottom Line

It goes without saying that the above cultural tours in India can give you a glimpse of the unique heritage and take you back to a rich history. All in all, you will come back with memories for a lifetime.

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