A pilgrimage capturing River Ganga in her varied moods through its course of 1200 miles from Dev Prayag to Culcutta. Our task is dione ! On Ganga’s breast . The sun is sinking down to rest : And , moored beneath the tamarind bough . Our banks has found its harbour now.With furled sail , and painted side , behold the tiny frigate ride . Upon her deck , mid charcoal gleams . The Moslems savoury supper steams , while all apart , beneath the wood , The Hindoo cooks his simpler food !


Ganga is the most sacred of all Indian rivers and there is no other waterway in the world that is revered so deeply and passionately by a huge section of humanity , and whose persona is so intricately interwoven with a country’s cultural ethos . The infinite waters of this blessed river have witnessed the rise and fall of great Empires as well as social and religious movements, and the gradual growth of a number of important cities and pilgrimages on its banks . Its very name evokes the colourful and vibrant panorama of Indian civilization .

Our journey begins at Dev Prayag , the confluence of Bhagirathi and Alakananda , down to Rishikesh and Haridwar . Emerging from the Himalaya at Rishikesh , the Ganga rushes on to the plains at Haridwar , one of the most sacred pigrimage centers of the Hindus . Everything that the Ganga has created before it finally gushes forth from its mountain georges , seems to belong to the world of Legend . We then take a gentle three days sailing from Allahabad , where Ganga, Yamuna and the mystical Saraswathi meet to Seeta Mari and then drive to sacred shores of Banaras ( Varanasi ) . We camp on the river beach for 2 nights , along the teaming river banks we visit sites like Siti Mari , temples at Mirzapur ; a patch work of charming peaceful villagers , Paddy fields , and Ghats unfurls before our eyes , we then take overnight train to Culcutta to witness the passionate meeting of the Ganga with the Maha Sagar( Indian Ocean ).

Duration : 25 Days
Best Time : Mid October to Mid March.
Focus : 6/3 Days gentle sailing on the Ganga with camping on the river beach .
Highlights : Unexplored area like Sita Mari and Temple of Mirzapur .
Important : The sailing can be a great tour for birdwatchers .

Route 01 – With 06 Days Sailing & 05 nights Camping : Delhi – Rishikesh – Shivpuri – Devprayag – Haridwar – Allahabad – Sarsa – Gaharaw – Sita Mari – Mirzapur – Chunar Fort – Varanasi – Culcutta .

Route 02 – With 03 Days sailing & 02 nights camping : Delhi – Shivpuri – Dev Prayag – Rishikesh – Allahabad – Sarsa – Gaharwa – Sita Mari – Varanasi – Culcutta .