The Eternal Ganga

A pilgrimage to the cosmic center of the universe

Duration: 21 Days.
Best Time: Mid October to Mid March.
Route: Delhi/ Devprayag/ Rishkikesh/ Haridwar/ Allahabad/ Sita Bani/Varanasi/ Calcutta.
Focus: River Ganges/ Temples/ Ashrams/ Sadhus/ People.
Accommodation: A mix of good hotels and Guesthouses.

Fly then where Ganga on the king of mountains Falls like a flight of stairs from heaven let down For the sons of men: she hurls her billowy fountains Like hands to grasp the moon on Shiva’s crown and laughs at Gauri’s jealous frown.

Ganga is the most sacred of all Indian rivers and there is no other waterway in the world that is revered so deeply and passionately by a huge section of humanity, and whose persona is so intricately interwoven with a country’s cultural ethos. The infinite waters of this blessed river have witnessed the rise and fall of great empires as well as social and religious movements, and the gradual growth of a number of important cities and pilgrimages on its banks. Its very name evokes the colourful and vibrant panorama of Indian civilisation.

River Ganga is regarded as the holiest on earth, not only by the Indians, but also by all Hindus living the world over. This is the only river in the world to be given the appellation of Ma (mother) by an entire race. A pilgrimage to any religious centre along its course is a deep desire of every devout Hindu and it is believed that bathing in the river and imbibing its water will cleanse one of all past sins. According to Hindu belief to be cremated on its banks or simply having one’s ashes scattered in its waters will send the soul straight to heaven.

Ganga is born at Devprayag by the union of rivers Bhagirathi, the main tributary that originates above 4000 metres at the Gangotri glacier, and Alaknanda which flow together to Rishikesh, where the holy river leaves the Himalayas and enters the plains. This is an important pilgrimage centre with numerous well-known ashrams, including those founded by Swami Sivananda and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. From Rishikesh at the feet of Himalayas, Ganga Ma pours on to the plains at Haridwar, another important Hindu pilgrimage. The entire tortuous course that Ganga and her tributaries run before emerging at Rishikesh and then hasten towards the Bay of Bengal has been immortalised in Hindu scriptures and legends.

Our Journey begins at Devprayag, the confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda, down to Raishikesh and Haridwar. Emerging from the Himalya at Rishikesh, the Ganga rushes on to the plains at Hardwar, one of the most sacred pilgrimage centers of the Hindus. Everything that the Ganga has created before it finally gushes forth from its mountain georges, seems to belong to the world of Legend. We then visit Allahbad, where Ganga, Yamuna and the mystical Sarasvati meet, visit lesser known place at Sita Bani on the Ganges with beautiful ghat, ur next stop will be at sacred shores of Banaras ( Varanasi). we then take overnight train to Calcutta to witness the passionate meeting of the Ganga with the Maha Sagar ( Indian Ocean).

A delightful journey capturing Mother River Ganga in her varied moods..